What is your why?If I were to give a high level overview of my dream for this site, the overarching theme, and the topic that everything else hinges on, would be “What is my why?”

It’s a catchphrase we hear a lot lately. Or is it just me? It seems that every webinar or “team call” I listen to lately leans heavily on the why.

Do you know your why? Your purpose?

Your why is the reason you get out of bed in the morning. It’s the reason you do everything you do. And if you haven’t found your why, or your why isn’t strong enough, then you may not have the conviction to reach the goals you set for yourself.

It was once explained to me like this:

Ask yourself what is your strongest motivation for what you do to bring money into your life (insert your choice of “work in a full-time job”, “work for myself”, “own my own business”, etc.)

And when your strongest motivation comes to you, ask yourself “why?”

And every time you come up with an answer for your why, ask again – “why?”

And, when you get to the answer that brings up so much emotion that you can’t say it without crying, that is your why.

Read Steve Pavlina’s method for finding your true purpose in life, and then see if it aligns with what you originally thought was your why.

photo credit: mushab00m via photopin cc