Weight and see

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I recent attended an information seminar hosted by a group of health-inspired people in my community. The featured speaker was a local health professional who gave a great spiel on maintaining weight through healthy eating – paleo-style, environmental toxins, stress, and all the popular health topics. At the end of the presentation, he made the usual offer of a free evaluation – weight consultation, food sensitivities, and something else that I don’t remember.

I signed up for a nutritional analysis that would uncover my food sensitivities.

At the appointed time on the appointed day I filled out the gobs of paperwork required for the assessment, hopped on the scale, stood still for the body scan, and then waited for the doc.

“So …” he began, after he had briefly scanned the results.

“If you could change just one thing today, what would it be?”

I came for the nutritional analysis, but not one to be backwards about coming forward, I said “My weight. I’d change my weight. I know it’s not healthy to be the size I am, and that it is the root cause of many of my health issues.”

“OK”, he said. “Let’s get you a consultation with our weight loss program coordinator.”

I guess this was the point I was supposed to say “I know I’m fat, and I know how to fix it. I just what to know which foods I have sensitivities to so I can make sure not to include those in my eating plan.”

But I didn’t.

I let myself be led into that room. That bare room. With the laptop presentation that will “just take a few minutes.”

I opened myself to the thought that “maybe this could work, and if it doesn’t, then I’ll just go for the nutritional analysis.”

I listened to the canned presentation by smiling people with impressive befores and afters. I watched the video. It seemed pretty much the same as I’m doing anyway but with supplements.

I watched the testimonials and smiled as I heard how peoples lives had been changed.

I waited for the lady to come back. The very nice, friendly lady, who was also on the program.

I sat patiently as she laid out the cost of said program.

I froze.

I even thought for a moment that maybe I could finance this.

Then I thought better of it. I did not need to skip a mortgage payment.

“Oh, but you can spread it out over two payments.”

“Sorry. I just can’t do that. I don’t have it.”

“How about four payments? It ends up costing you more, but it’s more manageable.”

“No. I just can’t swing it, sorry!”

“OK, so think about it, and we’ll make you an appointment for next week to get you started?”

“Sure. Let’s do that.

Get me outta here!

“Monday at 4:30 then? That gives you the weekend to run over some figures.”

“Sounds good”

Get me OUT of here!

Of course I cancelled the appointment. But here’s the kicker …

… they did not follow up. There was no phone call saying “I understand you couldn’t do the weight loss program, but why don’t we get you back in for that nutritional analysis?”

They did not seem to care that they had got me into their sales funnel, but instead of nurturing me as a future customer who may eventually be able to come up with the funds necessary to enter their “hugely successful” weight loss program, they let me go.

No follow up.

No thank you, see you soon, kiss my ass.


The fortune, my friends, really is in the follow up!