This AIP thing …

Katrina Runs Whole 30 Burrito Bowl AIP Paleo

Katrina Runs Whole 30 Burrito Bowl

I’ve been following the AIP program in the past few months … loosely (you know, allowing for the odd slip up or ten!)

What’s AIP?

AIP is AutoImmune Protocol (some call it AutoImmune Paleo – I have no idea which one is really correct!) and it addresses inflammation in the body by eliminating foods that could potentially cause a reaction.

In the past, I’ve done something similar – the elimination diet – which was Hell Week stretched over three months. I found it impossible to follow the super-strict regimen, but I did feel better during that period.

I have Hashimoto’s, which is currently treated with Synthroid – and has been since my diagnosis in 2000. But I never could get my doctor to go that extra mile and find out why I still have all the hypothyroid symptoms when my labs are coming back “normal”. In the end, I decided to stop bugging him to look for a reason and do something about it myself.

I’ll post more on AIP later, so you don’t have to read my whole life story before you get to the recipes (don’t you just hate that?)

I do my menu planning on Fridays, and shop on Sunday for the week. The Plan To Eat website makes that all so very easy.

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What’s on my menu this week

Sunday – leftovers! Easy :)

MondayWhole 30 Burrito Bowl  from Katrina Runs (I eliminate the tomatoes.)

TuesdaySimple Curry Meatballs with Tahini from Paleo Intensified

WednesdayPressure Cooker Pot Roast with Root Vegetables from Don’t Eat the Spatula (I add extra root veggies: parsnips, rutabaga, and turnips.)

ThursdayCranberry Pulled Pork from Eat Heal Thrive

FridaySlow Cooker Korean Grass Fed Short Ribs from Nom Nom Paleo – this is a personal favorite!

SaturdayPulled Tandoori Chicken from The Big Man’s World

So, sometimes it’s strict AIP, sometimes it leans more towards paleo, but never does it include wheat-based products or sugar. I’m trying to condition myself to stick to strict AIP, but for now the 80/20 rule is working well.

Coming up soon, I’ll post on why I love Plan to Eat so much!