Make more money in 2015

more money in 2015 through network marketingWhat do Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump have in common (besides oodles of money)?

They are all believers in network marketing!

Unlike a “regular” job, everyone in a network marketing company starts at the same place. The difference comes when you work the plan instead of sitting and waiting for the phone to ring with the next person who wants to sign up. You must put in the work to reap the benefits.

[tweetthis]Network marketing is a level playing field. Everyone benefits from the same commission plan.[/tweetthis]

It’s not who you know, it’s how you work the plan. If you are dedicated, if you put in the time and work, you cannot fail. The only way to fail is to quit. How much money do you want to make in 2015?

Why direct sales?

From 2011 to 2012, direct sales increased by $9 billion, and in 2013 the industry saw sales of $32 billion in the US alone. And there’s a good reason for that. Much of it has to do with trust. Would you buy a product from a store where the clerk may know something about the item you’re buying, or would you buy it from a friend who you know, like, and trust? My money is on the friend. And this is where the “network” happens in network marketing. Personally, I’d prefer it if my friend earned a commission for a product that I purchased than someone I don’t know. That’s just what friends do!

Word-of-mouth marketing. Direct selling. Relationship marketing. Network marketing is known by other names, but the premise is the same. You’re selling to a network, and your network trusts you.

What if you could work from anywhere, at any time you please, just using your telephone and a laptop? There are many who have adopted such a lifestyle, and the numbers continue to grow. This is one of the draw cards of network marketing. There is also the fact that the initial investment is usually minimal, the tax benefits are plentiful, and the support is phenomenal.

If you’re looking for a business to work at part time, or full time. If you want to work it into the pockets of your already busy lifestyle, or if you just want something to keep you on your toes after you’ve retired – network marketing is a perfect choice.

If the term “passive residual income” is not familiar to you, that’s the income you should be looking at! It is the income that comes to you after you’ve already put in the work. And it’s key in any network marketing business. It’s also the key to you earning more money in 2015 – and then more in 2016, more in 2017, and so on.

How do I know which network marketing company is right for me?

My rule of thumb is to first choose a company where the product, or products, resonate with you. It’s hard to get excited about something you don’t like, and your excitement is the reason that people will buy from you, or join you in the business.

Secondly, look at the compensation plan. Does it look attainable and uncomplicated? If you can’t understand it, you won’t be able to share it with others. If it looks too hard to your friends and prospects, they are not likely to join you in your venture.

Look at the company’s owners or founders, the history of the company, the products themselves – are you comfortable endorsing everything the company stands for and everything it produces? Is the company growing?

Are the products you’ll be selling a one-time-buy, or something your customer will come back for again and again?

Is there training and mentorship available to you?

These are basic things you should look at before you decide which company you want to represent.

How do I earn more money?

When you start out in a network marketing company, it seems that you put in long hours for little reward. If you are consistent and persistent, you’ll soon reach the tipping point where the work becomes less and the reward becomes more.

And, all the time, you’re duplicating yourself – because you are training the people you introduce to the company to do exactly what you’re doing. They are coachable, as you were when you first started. And you coach them well, so they – in turn – can coach those they introduce to the company.

But don’t let the ease of duplication fool you. This IS a business, and you must run it like a business. You will start by putting in long hours. You’ll hear, a thousand times, the story about how many times Walt Disney heard “no” before Mickey Mouse became a household name. You’ll experience people dropping out when they lose sight of the vision, and you’ll experience people becoming “heavy hitters” and soar to great heights.

 It’s a rewarding experience, if you work it right

There is so much that is  good about network marketing. Many companies channel money into charities, and you – as an associate – also get the chance to donate when you place your monthly order.

Many companies reward associates with incentives for reaching certain goals – whether it’s a t-shirt or an all-expenses paid cruise, work for that incentive, because it’s designed to get you further, and to grow your own business bigger.

There’s plenty of money to be earned in 2015. Make sure you get your slice of the pie!