The Writing Challenge!

July writing challenge from writers writeRough Writers new recruit badgeThe Rough Writers Club issued  a writing challenge! The rules, as they state, are simple: write something every single day in July, even if it’s only 5 minutes. And join hundred of other writers for support and accountability along the way.

I’m in.

Writers Write writing prompts for JulyI thought about using writing prompts, such as these from Writers Write – and if I’m stuck for a topic, I may default to this list. But I don’t find it hard to pick a topic and write about it. As I’ve heard Seth Godin say, you don’t just wake up one morning and find you have nothing to talk about. And if you have something to talk about, then you have something to write about!

It seems that, with all the various groups I’m a member of, there is always an opportunity for some challenge or other. Especially in the Bullet Journalling community – there are handwriting challenges, organizational challenges, doodle challenges – but none of them have held my interest as much as a writing challenge.

Challenge motivation always seems to decrease dramatically after the first couple of days for me. I think that my first NaNoWriMo effort lasted for maybe a whole week! And … as with every challenge that has come before today … I will declare that ‘this one is different!’ Why? Because this is the one that I’m dedicated to!

‘So, you weren’t dedicated to previous challenges? Seems like I’ve heard this all before!’

Of course I was dedicated!

‘Then why didn’t you complete them?’

So, I’m challenge-challenged, ok?

‘And how will you stay motivated?’

Well. There’s this … oh, never mind. I just will. I have a good feeling about this one!

‘Mmm hmmmm’

Let’s just see …