The Do-Over (not the movie)

the rebootReboot!

Here I am again.

I seem to have been in this spot a number of times. And every time I’m determined to make this the last reboot.

I’ve been successful before. Again, a number of times. Each time though, I unintentionally self-sabotage under the guise of “I’ll make it up next week” or “It’s just this once.”

And, so. Here I am again.

Of course it’s weight loss I’m talking about, but there are a number of things that go along with this increase in poundage. I’m tired. So tired. Lower back pain is back. I don’t have the energy to walk. It’s the little things, ya know?

I scheduled an appointment with a new doctor, as my Primary Care Physician is leaving town – and I sat and told her my woes. How I feel so, so tired after a full night’s sleep. How I ache all over. How I seem to be walking around in a pea-soupy brain fog and I can’t remember the things I need to remember.

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I have this uncanny knack of forgetting what words to use when it comes time to use them. I explain processes in business meetings using terms such as thingy and dooverlacky. I’m sure they think I’m making up words, but it’s not that at all. I just cannot grasp the right word at the right time. I’ve always said that I’m really bad at explaining things – but give me a pen and paper (or even a keyboard and a monitor!) and I’ll write like there’s no tomorrow!

Anyway. Reboot! Back to the doc.

It seems that the only thing off in my labs was slightly elevated blood sugar. Nothing new there.

I came away from the appointment with a referral to a pulmonologist. Ironically, the same one my daughter sees. So. Looks like a sleep study is in my future!

Oh! I also need to add 1000 units of vitamin D daily.