Be the director of your own lifestyle

The World berthing in New Zealand, by Phillip Capper on Flickr

The World berthing at Queen’s Wharf, Wellington, NZ

Let’s take time to dream. Just for a moment or two. What does your ultimate lifestyle look like?

I’m going to guess that it doesn’t involve working a 9-5 job.

I’ll venture even further and guess that it involves travel, possibly international travel.

No doubt your ultimate lifestyle has a fairly hefty price tag, and hopefully it involves supporting some kind of cause or charity.

And you’ve heard a million times that “if you believe it, you can achieve it”, right?

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I’m going to just leave this here for you to ponder … could you live your life at sea, if it meant that you still had all the comforts of  a dream home? Seriously. Could you really imagine owning a 3 bedroom apartment on a ship?

The World is a floating community of 165 residences. Permanent residences. With cafes, gyms, clubs, fine dining, pools, spas, and expeditions at every port!

If you have a budget of around $700,000 to $10 million for your floating home (plus an annual maintenance fee of 10% of that cost), then you, too, could live on The World!

You can read more about life aboard The World at Barron’s.

Image courtesy of Phillip Capper at Flickr/CC2.0 license