14Four. The results are in!

Four weeks. Drastic changes. Drastic results. The first two weeks of the 14Four program were preparation for the two week reboot. In these initial two weeks, I learned about the program, the food that I would be eating, and why I would be eating it. The prep took me through a kitchen makeover – which I [Continue Reading]

Are you living the lifestyle you dream of?

Or are you stuck in a nightmare? I’m going to admit that I did not dream of the life I’m currently living. Let’s be honest and break it down. Two divorces, three continents, four children, and a dysfunctional background. Nobody in their right mind would have dreamed of the path I took to get where I [Continue Reading]

Be the director of your own lifestyle

Let’s take time to dream. Just for a moment or two. What does your ultimate lifestyle look like? I’m going to guess that it doesn’t involve working a 9-5 job. I’ll venture even further and guess that it involves travel, possibly international travel. No doubt your ultimate lifestyle has a fairly hefty price tag, and hopefully [Continue Reading]