Going for Baroque

“Baroque music is the fastest way to enter a thought into your subconscious mind.” I was purging my Evernote notes when I came across this quote. I have no idea where it came from, or why I wrote it down, but let’s break it down. What is baroque? Baroque, according to Merriam Webster, is “of, [Continue Reading]

Health Benefits of Nettle Tea

I have recently renewed my love of nettle tea, and it’s all due to rediscovering the benefits of this common garden weed urtica dioica. There are many documented benefits of drinking nettle tea, but can we just start with the fact that it just tastes good? It’s one of those “light and refreshing” tastes that would [Continue Reading]

Life is about constantly reinventing yourself. Let’s do it!

Why am I reinventing myself? It’s a long story. Stop me if you’ve heard it all before … Not quite the beginning, but … When I started this blog, I was in a multilevel marketing (MLM, network marketing, whatever you choose to call it) group centered around health and fitness products.  I did well. I [Continue Reading]

Weight and see

I recent attended an information seminar hosted by a group of health-inspired people in my community. The featured speaker was a local health professional who gave a great spiel on maintaining weight through healthy eating – paleo-style, environmental toxins, stress, and all the popular health topics. At the end of the presentation, he made the usual offer of [Continue Reading]

The Do-Over (not the movie)

Reboot! Here I am again. I seem to have been in this spot a number of times. And every time I’m determined to make this the last reboot. I’ve been successful before. Again, a number of times. Each time though, I unintentionally self-sabotage under the guise of “I’ll make it up next week” or “It’s just this [Continue Reading]

This AIP thing …

I’ve been following the AIP program in the past few months … loosely (you know, allowing for the odd slip up or ten!) What’s AIP? AIP is AutoImmune Protocol (some call it AutoImmune Paleo – I have no idea which one is really correct!) and it addresses inflammation in the body by eliminating foods that [Continue Reading]

Rattle + Hum

There’s construction happening behind my house. Right now. at 6:03 in the evening on the Friday before a long weekend. I understand deadlines. I understand contracts need to be met. What I don’t understand is why I need to put up with the incessant droning hum, and its accompanying rattle. (Did I ever mention that [Continue Reading]

The Writing Challenge!

The Rough Writers Club issued  a writing challenge! The rules, as they state, are simple: write something every single day in July, even if it’s only 5 minutes. And join hundred of other writers for support and accountability along the way. I’m in. I thought about using writing prompts, such as these from Writers Write – [Continue Reading]

Try foot massage the Ayurvedic way: Pada Abhyangam

There’s not much that’s more relaxing than having your feet massaged. I’m not talking about the “please rub my aching feet” massage – I mean a real foot massage! There are many techniques of foot massage, including inserts for your shoes, spiky mats that you walk on, wooden rollers that you roll under your feet, and [Continue Reading]

14Four. The results are in!

Four weeks. Drastic changes. Drastic results. The first two weeks of the 14Four program were preparation for the two week reboot. In these initial two weeks, I learned about the program, the food that I would be eating, and why I would be eating it. The prep took me through a kitchen makeover – which I [Continue Reading]