14Four. The results are in!

Progress on the 14Four program by Chris Kresser

Four weeks.

Drastic changes.

Drastic results.

The first two weeks of the 14Four program were preparation for the two week reboot. In these initial two weeks, I learned about the program, the food that I would be eating, and why I would be eating it. The prep took me through a kitchen makeover – which I didn’t actually do, because my daughters are not yet ready to join me on this journey, and provided training videos on all four pillars of the program – nutrition, stress, exercise, and sleep.

So, what changes did you see?

In the couple of weeks prior to starting the 14Four program I had been experiencing the worst symptoms of Meniere’s disease since being diagnosed over a year ago. I was having vertigo attacks every day, and I could always tell when one was about to hit, because my left ear would feel full, and my hearing in that ear would drop to zero. Though I was able to drive through these attacks (much better if I was just driving on a straight road, because I could just focus on a spot right in front of me), they incapacitated me in other ways – the worst was the need to sleep for a long time!

During the four week reboot, I had one really bad episode of vertigo in the first week, then … nothing. I can barely even tell that my hearing is decreased in my left ear. The whole reboot was worth it just for this!

Then, there’s the general overall feeling of wellness – the body aches and pains that I was feeling have gone. I’m still not sure how to describe what I was previously feeling. The closest I can come is “general malaise”. I had no energy, I ached from head to toe. And now … poof … all gone! I know that I can attribute some of this to restarting my doTERRA LifeLong Vitality vitamins and supplements, but the weight loss has to have something to do with it, right?

Walking is, again, one of my favorite things to do. In my previous post, prior to starting the 14Four, I had mentioned that I had been walking for 2.5 miles in my lunch break at work, and then I could barely walk from the parking lot to my desk. Well, those days are behind me now. I’m back to walking in my lunch break, and have a walking meeting with one of my team members each afternoon where we cover another mile or so.

I. Feel. Great.   14Four is a lifechanger!

Did you hit any hurdles on the 14Four plan?

Coffee. The only thing that I didn’t go through with was the whole giving up coffee thing. Chris Kresser actually advocates for drinking a cup of coffee a day, and all my research tells me that – relative to Meniere’s disease – it exacerbates the symptoms. So, if I’m not getting the symptoms, there is nothing to exacerbate. I decided to try it, and I’m not experiencing any negative effects.

Cost. It’s no secret that eating healthy food is expensive. I was not prepared to pay $30 for 3 pieces of halibut! Going forward, using recipes that I find for myself, I’m positive that I can bring the cost down, and just save the halibut recipe for special occasions.

Commitment. It’s not a deal breaker, but it was hard to make sure that I was up in the morning in plenty of time to make my breakfast. As my sleep started getting better, though, it was easier to just hit the snooze button once instead of 3 times! I’m not sure how this will play out once my daughters go back to school next week. We shall see.

Where do you go from here?

I’m not going to lie. I picked my daughter up from work last night – she works at Culver’s, which is known for frozen custard – and I had her get me a scoop of the flavor of the day (chocolate almond). I trivialized it as a celebration for completing my first 4 weeks of paleo. Stupid idea. I didn’t suffer any consequences, but seriously … would anyone celebrate 4 weeks of being smoke-free with a cigarette? No. I realized the stupidity of what I had just done after I ate the frozen custard. Not something I’ll do again.

I’m actually going to take this 14Four lifestyle a step further and try the AutoImmune Paleo/Protocol (AIP) program. It’s a little more restrictive – no nightshades, eggs, nuts, seeds (including nut- or seed-oils or herbs), but I think it will be great for my Hashimoto’s, Meniere’s, and costochondritis.

Look for some recipe-sharing posts soon!

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