Healthy Body

Health Benefits of Nettle Tea

I have recently renewed my love of nettle tea, and it's all due to rediscovering the benefits of this common garden weed … [Read More...]

Life is about constantly reinventing yourself. Let’s do it!

Why am I reinventing myself? It's a long story. Stop me if you've heard it all before ... Not quite the beginning, but … [Read More...]

This AIP thing …

I've been following the AIP program in the past few months ... loosely (you know, allowing for the odd slip up or … [Read More...]

14Four. The results are in!

Four weeks. Drastic changes. Drastic results. The first two weeks of the 14Four program were preparation for … [Read More...]

In which Vikki comes clean while getting clean

I often seem to start blog posts with "Sorry, I've been MIA for a while" or something similar, and this is one of those … [Read More...]

Healthy Mind

Going for Baroque

"Baroque music is the fastest way to enter a thought into your subconscious mind." I was purging my Evernote notes … [Read More...]

Rattle + Hum

There's construction happening behind my house. Right now. at 6:03 in the evening on the Friday before a long … [Read More...]

I love you.

All you need is love! My good friend and Isa-partner Jace Jacobs has a great podcast called The Good Refresh, and I … [Read More...]

How do I manage my time effectively?

If you, like me, are building a business in the pockets of time you have available, you are going to be looking at ways … [Read More...]

The Law of Attraction: are you living the law?

There was a time, around 2006, when everyone you spoke to was spouting The Secret. People were manifesting left, right, … [Read More...]